Thursday, March 15, 2012

Interview on Freda's Voice

My very first author interview was recently conducted on Freda's Voice, a wonderful book blog I admire greatly.

It was a lot of fun doing this with Freda, who in addition to being well-read and very smart, is also very kind - offering her help to get the word out regarding my novel Barefoot Girls. If you're interested in seeing the interview in all its glory, check it out here:

Even better, sign up for the giveaway! A free copy of the ebook is being given to the lucky winner - why can't that be you?


  1. A lovely post!
    It was a pleasuring having you on my blog! I hope in the future you will visit us again, maybe with your own guest post next time?!
    I had no idea I was your first... interview, that is. I am honored.

  2. Would love to guest-post, Freda! And yes, I have some other interviews (feel very lucky) lined up, but you are my very first :)