Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Free Ebooks for Everyone!

To be honest, I can't believe I've jumped on the free ebook bandwagon. It's shocking, really.

You see, my attitude up until recently was that if it was free, how good could it be? Would anyone even buy an ebook again considering how many free ones are available? And piracy, piracy, piracy - eek! These are valid points...but a brilliant argument made by Neil Gaiman on YouTube convinced me that my fears were misplaced.

Why Free Ebooks Are a Good Idea 

There is one main and extremely compelling reason: exposure to new readers. Think about it - how often do you buy an unknown author's work? Really, I'm serious here. Most people find new writers by getting their books at a library or borrowing a book from a friend or - these days - downloading a free ebook. Because sometimes the sample and the cover and description aren't enough. You want to see if the writer can hold your interest, carry off a story, and even make you think about the characters or tale itself long after you've finished it.


I'm making some of my short story ebooks available for free! Right now, Girl Shaped Shadows is free on Smashwords (go here for a free ebook: or a free PDF is available right off of this website on my new handy-dandy "FREE EBOOKS" page: Another short story is in the works as well and should be published within a few months. Definitely check them out and enjoy!

Other Big News:

Barefoot Girls is finally available in print! Woo hoo! You can find it on Amazon here:  As well, it will be available in your local bookstore and/or library shortly. 

The awesome art with added ereader at the top of this post was created by T. Cavanaugh on his blog here:

Signing off with Neil Gaiman's fantastic video about copyright piracy and the web:

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