Thursday, February 16, 2012

Barefoot Girls Ebook on Sale!

My novel Barefoot Girls is now available as an ebook at your favorite ebook store! Although the print version won’t be available until late spring or early summer (just in time for reading on the beach – the perfect way to consume this story in my oh-so-humble opinion), those with ereaders will be able to download and read it immediately.

So, the usual question on most people’s lips is: what’s it about?

A Brief Description of Barefoot Girls
When her hometown newspaper reviews Hannah O’Brien’s newly released novel, the nature of her book is called into question when the reviewer suggests it is a memoir depicting her neglectful alcoholic mother – Keeley O’Brien Cohen, the most beloved of the Barefoot Girls -  a little too accurately for fiction, citing rumors rather than sources.

Deeply hurt and betrayed, Keeley cuts Hannah out of her life. Desperate, Hannah does everything she can to apologize and explain, but her pleas fall on deaf ears. Meanwhile, the rest of Hannah’s life starts to unravel, pushing her to risk her engagement to Daniel, the one man who had been able to scale the high walls around her heart. At the eleventh hour, the Barefoot Girls are able to convince Keeley to send Hannah the keys to the Barefooter house, the home and heart of their friendship. Barred from their clubhouse since she was twelve, Hannah grabs the chance to visit the little shack filled with memories and perched at the tip of Captain’s Island in the Great South Bay on Long Island, New York.

As Hannah battles to come to terms with her equally blessed and troubled childhood and understand her mother and her sister-close friends, she’s confronted with the power of forgiveness and the dangers of holding on to the past.

More info?
If you really want to know more, do what savvy ebook readers do: download a free sample. It gives you 30% of the book for free (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords) and a chance to see if it grabs you. For links directly to the stores, see my Books Page.

Hope you enjoy it!

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