Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Girl-Shaped Shadows – Free Ebook Copies!

One of my favorite short stories, Girl-Shaped Shadows, one I wrote about eight years ago and had the pleasure of seeing published in a literary magazine (Eureka Literary Magazine to be specific) is now on sale in your favorite ebook store!

Priced at the appropriate short story rate of 99 cents, (I still can’t get over the fact that people are selling full-length novels at this ridiculous price – novels take years to write! YEARS! Hours and weeks and months of hard labor! For 99 cents? That’s less than a candy bar made in a factory that makes thousands of candy bars an hour! Okay, rant over.) I’m hoping that this book will give readers a bite-size version of my fiction for those who love shorts.

If you’re interested in reviewing the ebook (honestly, of course) on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, or any other ebook store where it is being sold, I will happily give you a FREE copy to read, review, and hopefully enjoy. Just email me at and I’ll send you a coupon from Smashwords so that you can download a free copy. Please let me know where you intend to review the book in your email.

What’s it about?
Here’s the official product description:

Eleven-year old Isobel and her guardian and aunt, Marmalee, do everything they can to avoid the sunlight – fearful of skin cancer and suntans – yet they find themselves unavoidably drawn to the beach near their home in Connecticut one sunny June day by the very people they abhor most: the Normals. The lure? The gorgeous Mrs. Johnson, her aunt’s new love-interest. The problem? Isobel’s nemesis and object of obsession: Mrs. Johnson’s daughter Chloe.

Things take a surprising turn on this brilliant burning day by the sea when Chloe abandons her best friend, Hilary, for Isobel, her new best friend. Are things what they seem? Could Isobel’s wildest fantasy be coming true? Or is some darker truth about to be revealed?

Why are you giving it away for free?
Reviews are very important to a lot of people when deciding whether to purchase an ebook. In fact, they’re probably important to you.

How long will this free offer go on?
As soon as I think there are enough reviews out there, the offer will be officially over and will be announced as such here on the blog, so get your fresh hot copies now, while the getting is good!

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